Hi, I'm Sarah.

Hi! Thank you so much for visiting my page. I hope you are enjoying looking through the galleries and imagining what your pictures will look like after we have a session together.

I have always been passionate about photography. From the first day I picked up a camera, my sophomore year of high school in photography class I fell in love. I always liked art, but let me tell ya, when it came to drawing I would have these vivid imaginations of what my pictures would look like, and pretty much they came out like stick figures... If I was lucky. Photography was a way for me to create what I see, the way I see it. To manipulate images exactly how I want them to be without distorting the people in them. Back in high school, we had the privileged of learning the nitty gritty. We got to roll our own film, and process them in the dark room. It was about the same time digital photography was starting to get popular...

I set the camera down more as I ventured into college, and worked towards an Educational Studies degree from the University of Oregon, with a minor in Special Education. From the moment I was 12 and was able to babysit, I always enjoyed being around children. I thought I was going to be a teacher.... Well, that ship kind of sailed when I decided to become a 911 dispatcher. And that I was for seven years. It was my way of giving back to the community. During my time at 911 is really when I started picking up my camera again... Getting into digital photography. And I fell in love with it all over again. I started taking pictures of my co-workers and their families, got better in my art, and thrived to learn more.

Today, I am living my dream. In 2016 I took a leap of faith. A lot of prayers, a lot of tears, and I could not have asked for a better support team as I started this journey on my own, and full time.

My passion, pictures that will be memories in your family for a lifetime. Images throughout your home that remind you exactly how you were feeling in one simple moment in time that is completely held still. I can't wait to meet you, and deliver pictures that you will never forget.